Water Wellness Activities to Try on Mull & Iona

The trend of the restorative qualities of water-based activities for our wellness is growing but Scotland’s coastlines, waterfalls and lochs have been a focal point of our way of life and inspiration for many since the beginning of time.

Mull and Iona are home to some of Scotland’s most beautiful and iconic blue spaces and offer lots of water-based activities to enjoy. Here are some inspirational ways you can improve your wellness through the healing powers of water in Mull and Iona this year. 


Sea-based Tours

Explore the seascapes with a huge range of sea-based tours. From journeying the ocean on a sailboat to a magic wildlife walk to see otters, visiting seascapes is an amazing way to clear your mind and take in the cold sea air.


Small Ship Cruises

Hitting the water on a small ship cruise is a great way to boost your wellbeing. You will be able to spend the day viewing the untouched coastlines and an abundance of marine wildlife, from basking sharks to dolphins and seabirds. With many marine animals at risk of extinction, we want to encourage people to observe them in their natural habitats, which you can do safely from the deck of a boat.


Try Out Some Watersports

Why not try an adrenaline packed alternative with some watersports? Bendoran Watersports offer a great variety of activities. From day-trips sea kayaking around the Artdun Peninsular or Market Bay, to sailing trips: there’s watersports for everyone to try.