Driving on Mull

Our useful step-by-step guide for single-track island driving.

Careful Now

The majority of our roads here are Single-Track, with passing places. This means you have to have your wits about you when going around blind corners as there may be a car coming the other way, so drive with care!


Behind You

Plenty passing places mean you can pull over (always to the LEFT) to let cars approaching pass and very importantly to let cars behind you pass you if you are driving leisurely along enjoying the splendid views and they are rushing to catch a ferry!


Stay on the Road

Please never leave your braking to the last minute, or drive on any of the verges as they are often soft and the grass and bracken can hide unseen hazards such as old walls and boulders!


Watch out for the Wildlife

Other hazards are sheep, cattle and deer on the road, eagles soaring on the thermals distracting the driver and magnificent views, Mull style safari!


Be Mindful of Where You Park

Passing places are not parking places. Please make sure when you park, that emergency vehicles can get past and be careful not to block access to anything for other vehicles.

And Watch This!

Please drive responsibly and watch this video on all you need to know about driving in Mull:


For more advice please visit Scotland Info – Driving on Single Track Roads in Scotland.