Uisken Beach

A sandy bay with rocky outcrops, offshore islands and the “last look back” cairn, Uisken Beach is very picturesque and easily accessible by car.

Passing the turnoff for Ardanalish, the road ends at Uisken, a crofting township with houses dotted around a beautiful sandy bay. Uisken a very attractive beach sheltered by lots of picturesque rocky outcrops and very accessible with a small car park beside the beach.

There is a short, but fairly strenuous walk up the hill at the east of the beach to a cairn, clearly visible on the skyline called “The Last Look Back”. The cairn gets its name from the time when islanders would walk great distances to Kilvickeon Church to bury their dead and there were many stops on the way to rest and to “toast” the life of the deceased. From the cairn there are wonderful views out over the sea to the islands of Colonsay, Jura and Islay.

In the fields behind the beach are the ruins of the township of Am Fam with the outlines of lazybeds and terraces for the growing of crops.

Uisken is also well known as a haven for bird lovers, with many species to be found on the croft land, the hills and the sea.