Port Ban

Sheltered swimming beach on Iona, framed by granite cliffs and loved by families for picnicking and summer fun and sand made from crushed shells.

Continuing North from the Bay at the Back of the Ocean through a gate, pass by a couple of small coves until you walk down a sandy track onto a wonderfully sheltered beach.

Port Ban translates from Gaelic to ‘White Port’, taken from it’s pristine white beach of sand made from crushed shells. It is bordered by dunes and cliffs making it a veritable suntrap and a family can easily spend the day here, whether playing games or reading a book or flying a kite.

The beach is very gently sloping and it is the best and safest swimming beach on the Island as there are no strong tides, and as the water comes in it remains relatively shallow for a long distance. The added bonus here is that the sun warmed sand releases its heat into the incoming tide making the water relatively pleasant to swim in. The North Atlantic is never going to feel warm but locals can often be seen taking a short dip here. The wonderfully clear water and the soft sand make it perfect for paddling if you are not brave enough for a swim.

For the beachcombers this is one of the best spots to find the tiny pink white delicate cowrie shells. Regular visitors add to their collections over many years as it takes many shells to fill even the smallest container.