Fri 24 May 2019


Rewilding: What is it and why do we need it?

Despite Scotland’s international reputation for raw beauty and drama, a devastating story of ecological decline lies hidden in the landscape. All of our large carnivores are extinct, many of our species teeter on the edge and millions of treeless acres dominate the map. Scotland has become a nature-depleted nation.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A bold vision for the future is slowly emerging where wild forests teem with life, where pristine rivers flow freely supporting an abundance of insects, birds, and fish and where a mosaic of wetlands is shaped by the work of beavers and echoes to the calls of cranes.

This is the vision of a rewilded Scotland – a place where nature works, where wildlife flourishes and crucially, where people prosper.

Some of Scotland’s top photographers and filmmakers have spent 3 years capturing the beauty of the country’s landscape and its wild inhabitants. On May 24, Peter Cairns, one of those photographers and Director of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, the organisation behind a spellbinding presentation, comes to the Craignure Village Hall. Against a backdrop of stunning images and film, Peter will explain the principles behind rewilding, why we need it and why we need it now. He will also pose an intriguing question: What should Scotland look like?

Tickets will be £8.00 and include refreshments.

To purchase tickets you can visit or they will be available from the following locations on Mull:

  • Tackle and Books in Tobermory
  • Spar Shop in Salen
  • Visit Scotland Tourist Info in Craignure
  • Spar Shop Bunessan

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