Sun 28 Jul 2019


As part of the Visual Arts programme for 2019, this summer Comar will be participating in artist Katie Paterson’s major new project ‘First There Is A Mountain’

Members of the public will be invited to build mountains of sand at Calgary Beach on Sunday 28 July, linking the mountains of the world to the smallest grains of sand. Comar is one of 25 coastal arts venues taking part around the coast of the UK, from Tate St Ives to The Pier Centre in Orkney.

Choreographed over summer 2019 from 31 March to 27 October 2019. The project involves the creation of a set of ‘buckets and spades’ in the form of world mountains. Each sand pail is a scale model one of five of Earth’s mountains: Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Shasta (USA), Mount Fuji (Asia), Stromboli (Europe) and Uluru (Oceania).

This will be a collaborative cross-disciplinary art project with 25 commissioned pieces of new writing, forming a digital anthology and bringing together authors, poets, geologists, ecologists, writers and artists. The author Michael Pye has produced a written work to mark the event at Calgary beach.