Sun 22 Sep 2019


Mull and Iona Community Trust is delighted to invite you to a celebration to mark the ownership of Ardura Community Forest! The celebration will be on Sunday 22 September starting at 12 noon ‘till 3 pm. All are welcome!

Come along and join us, we’ll have lunch together in the woods, orienteering, den building and wildlife spotting for the children, collecting tree seeds, stick making and other woodland based activities.

Parking arrangements for those who are coming on Sunday:
There is insufficient parking within the forest, so we have arranged a Park and Ride using community transport vehicles which will continuously be shuttling from around 1130. The attached image shows locations of 4 car parks nearby, which will all be signposted and supervised by parking marshalls. The community buses will constantly be shuttling between the car parks and the pedestrian entrance down “the Old Road” into Ardura Forest.

Ardura Community Forest Parking