Dairy farm and cheese makers of award winning Isle of Mull Cheddar and Hebridean Blue cheese, with an onsite Glass Barn café and farm shop

Here at Sgriob-ruadh Farm we have been making cheese since the 1980’s.  We produce two unpasteurised cheeses, our Isle of Mull farmhouse cheddar and our Hebridean Blue, which we sell across locally and across the UK.  We milk 130 dairy cows and use all of the milk for cheese making, feeding our cows partially on the spent grains from the Tobermory Distillery, and grazing the land during the drier summer months.

At our farm, we have a large Glass Barn, which we operate as a café and shop for people to be able to come and sample some of our home produce and buy our cheese and pork.  We operate a small pork enterprise, feeding the pigs on the whey from the cheese making, producing lovely sweet pork.

We invited visitors up to come and enjoy the Glass Barn and hopefully learn a little about dairy farming and cheesemaking.